Thursday, November 27, 2008


was a strange day.

I had my VCA interview at 11.40am, I kind of fucked it up, as I was walking in the door I put my bag down and my foot stepped through it and I tripped over and then it all sort of went downhill from there.

THEN, James Brett came and saved the day, we went to this strange little cafe on albert road and this asain woman gave me free fried SQUID and then tried to make me buy 6 dollars worth. not good. BUT we bought a box of fortune cookies.

THEN I bought this view finder thing for the eye, its got mirrors and you hold it to one eye and you can see all kinds of different directions. AND if you look at the pavement upside down everyone looks like there walking UPSIDE DOWN!

THEN JB bought a skateboard and I bought a really cold bottle of water. das is guuuudddd wuuuuuuun.

THEN I got home and received a REJECTION letter from RMIT Fine art........I fail.

But I will remember my readily used quote and say "FUCK IT!"

My green is your purple and your purple is my green. I was thinking today and how can you possibly describe a colour. Its red because its red, its blue because its blue, why does cold = blue, why does hot = red.

How can you describe a colour to a blind person?

I have decided that a lack of communication is highly detrimental to any relationship, and you should never assume that one knows something or some sort of vital information because you may be mislead into thinking they do WHEN THEY DONT!

Courtney Jane Owen ft Samara Ring:

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