Thursday, November 6, 2008


we drove EVERYWHERE and went to about 20 different op shops all over Melbourne. It was really fucking hot and Laura made me buy this fugly long pink skirt with flowers all over it. AND a brown sequined top AND then I stole this weird fucked up collar thing, which I think I'll wear to Kates Horror thingy but fuck really good day, yet really bad op shop day. I ALSO saw this amazing brown striped couch out the front of this place and I want to take my mum there so we can steal it.

Found a great pair of tartan pants like the ones below in Shag today, didn't have enough money to get them but I was thinking I could buy some material tomorrow and sew them:

FUCKEEEN YEAH ALICE BITCH. note her left side of head is shaved, I have been contemplating the shave...

This is a cactus I bought at a market a few weeks ago. (I still owe Kate 10 dollars for this rabbit, sorry Kate)

Mr Hagrid.

The furry green jumper.

This post is full of shit, I'm bored and it's late and you'll have to deal.

XOXO, Gossip Girl.

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