Thursday, November 27, 2008


was a strange day.

I had my VCA interview at 11.40am, I kind of fucked it up, as I was walking in the door I put my bag down and my foot stepped through it and I tripped over and then it all sort of went downhill from there.

THEN, James Brett came and saved the day, we went to this strange little cafe on albert road and this asain woman gave me free fried SQUID and then tried to make me buy 6 dollars worth. not good. BUT we bought a box of fortune cookies.

THEN I bought this view finder thing for the eye, its got mirrors and you hold it to one eye and you can see all kinds of different directions. AND if you look at the pavement upside down everyone looks like there walking UPSIDE DOWN!

THEN JB bought a skateboard and I bought a really cold bottle of water. das is guuuudddd wuuuuuuun.

THEN I got home and received a REJECTION letter from RMIT Fine art........I fail.

But I will remember my readily used quote and say "FUCK IT!"

My green is your purple and your purple is my green. I was thinking today and how can you possibly describe a colour. Its red because its red, its blue because its blue, why does cold = blue, why does hot = red.

How can you describe a colour to a blind person?

I have decided that a lack of communication is highly detrimental to any relationship, and you should never assume that one knows something or some sort of vital information because you may be mislead into thinking they do WHEN THEY DONT!

Courtney Jane Owen ft Samara Ring:

Monday, November 10, 2008

I am so fucking excited

I can't sit still, I must look so mad, I just sit on my chair all night on the computer laughing and smiling.

I have had the 'summer rain' remix on repeat for the last 3 hours.

I am so excited for life to start.

A new beginning. I cant describe how I feel right now. I have three more exams still but I already feel free.

Viscom tomorrow, I am actually excited about this exam, I feel like I just want to go in there and fucking do it.

I feel really strange.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Once upon a time I had a fringe...

Things that inspire

Listening to True Faith by

over and over again.

Last night

I had a dream and I got dark side of the moon tattooed on my arm.

I fucking love Pink Floyd. favourite.

I plan on getting two tattoos, One, dark side of the moon and the other "Ena".
Awwww look it's Erin and Dolly!!!!!!!!!!


yeah I study real hard.

Denim vest on the left is amazing:

More Alice....

Did I mention I was a bike bandit?

for more details go to:
Oh look its Lily Cole naked on a dirt road...

Six days till my new life begins

AND I am so fucking excited I could die!!!!

I cannot wait to do the things I really want to do because I can

I can’t wait to go to the city and sit on the grass and drink beer

I can’t wait to go on adventures, taking photos of all the beautiful things and all the beautiful people I see.

I can’t wait to watch both seasons of gossip girl on my tv all over again

I can’t wait to go for bike trips all day long and all night long

I can’t wait to go for picnics

I can’t wait to have my own money from working at my own job

I can’t wait to buy books with my own money

I can’t wait to buy cd’s with my own money

I can’t wait to have a Nikon D90

I can’t wait to have my own bike

I can’t wait to go to RMIT or VCA

I can’t wait to play Mario Kart all day

I can’t wait to just wake up in the morning and decide what I want to do because I have nothing planned

I can’t wait to read books other than the kite runner and the line

I can’t wait to go to local gigs again

I can’t wait to not feel guilty by reading magazines

I can’t wait to go to gallery openings and look at all the latest art shit and drink the free booze

I can’t wait to be able to go out on a Thursday night and get fucked

I can’t wait to go out on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, continuously

I can’t wait to not feel guilty for doing the things I want to do

I can’t wait for the next four months of absolute fucking freedom

And I can’t wait to savour every fucking second!

As you may have noticed I am just really excited for what is about to unfold.


I want to watch all of the harry potter movies, a harry potter movie marathon (like hire all the movies and watch them continuously with no lights and lots of candles and lots of wine) and then read all of the Harry Potter books all over again.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


we drove EVERYWHERE and went to about 20 different op shops all over Melbourne. It was really fucking hot and Laura made me buy this fugly long pink skirt with flowers all over it. AND a brown sequined top AND then I stole this weird fucked up collar thing, which I think I'll wear to Kates Horror thingy but fuck really good day, yet really bad op shop day. I ALSO saw this amazing brown striped couch out the front of this place and I want to take my mum there so we can steal it.

Found a great pair of tartan pants like the ones below in Shag today, didn't have enough money to get them but I was thinking I could buy some material tomorrow and sew them:

FUCKEEEN YEAH ALICE BITCH. note her left side of head is shaved, I have been contemplating the shave...

This is a cactus I bought at a market a few weeks ago. (I still owe Kate 10 dollars for this rabbit, sorry Kate)

Mr Hagrid.

The furry green jumper.

This post is full of shit, I'm bored and it's late and you'll have to deal.

XOXO, Gossip Girl.

You Know It