Saturday, April 23, 2011

DIY juices flowin'

fringe fringe fringe

paint yo denim panel

I can't stop thinking about painting a huge eyeball on the back of my denim jacket, making every shoe a 'flatform', slashing paint over every jean, dying white jeans a fucked up mint green colour and sewing huge felt balls onto my jumpers. All of these DIY ideas/designs have been bubbling around in my head for months. I barely want to completely replicate any of the above designs but they definitely serve as a great source of inspiration for my future creations.

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naivebones said...

yes! those platform converse shoes, such a good idea! I love platform sneakers at the moment but all the ones I can find are way above regular-people price. Also tassles and fringes! see tassel sleeves I think maybe prince wore them? I don't know but I remember a while back seeing a picture of a famous rock start with tassels sewn along the bottom side of their long-sleeves, I'm in love!

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