Monday, May 24, 2010



I read this book a while back, It's by Charlotte Roche, pretty sure this is her first book. I found it hard to read at times, purely because it just seemed really contrived and it seemed like she only relied on shock tactics to make it an interesting read.

The main character in this book, grows avocados, she sticks the seeds up her vagina and then gives birth to them, and then grows them in water, i think, i can't remember the details of the growth. She also makes her own tampons and re-uses them. Also the perfume she chooses to wear is her very own scent which unfortunately is her vagina goo, pretty fucked bitch. But yeah the story is set in this ass hospital throughout the entire book, I wanted her to leave but she never did because she had hemroids.

Anyway, read this book if you can be fucked feeling quesy and fustrated most of the time. Some interesting ideas though. I think I enjoyed it.

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