Sunday, September 9, 2007

Friday night

Was rather grueling, it wasn’t so much I did a lot, but I think my body is taking its toll, Rory had people over, not many, just the usual. It was a good evening, Aretha Franklin kept the night strong as we danced along, then the boys went and got the movie, “Rambo”, and we played the game, every time someone gets shot you drink, which seemed like an excellent idea at the time, until we realised it had been 32 minutes into the movie before anyone could take a swig, but stupidly this did not effect me as I had continued to down my goon…had I of followed the rules maybe I wouldn’t have regurgitated the wonderful sushi I had previously ate that night. Spent the rest of my night hangin’ my head in Rory’s toilet bowl, how lovely.

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